Some scenarios we hear people like:

Privacy for those who don't like phone calls.

Phone Janitor started as the idea that we don't like talking on the phone, so why can't we limit it so we only hear from people we want, when we allow it? Now we give out our Phone Janitor numbers and our friends and family can call us when we're prepared to talk, and at no other time.

Home line replacement.

Many users have a phone line at home they're maintaining with hardware and Telco fees. Now you can port that number to a Phone Janitor line and never have to bother with calling a voicemail checking line or worry about telemarketers on it.

Shared rotating lines.

This is your week to take calls. Next week is another persons. Change it instantly through the browser, or use the API to have it changed automatically at your command.

Keep business separate.

Having multiple physical phones can be a real pain, but who wants to take business calls on their personal cell? Now you can filter inbound calls easily so during business hours you get your calls, but whenever you're not on the clock, your phone doesn't even ring.

Some current important features:

  • Route calls based on caller and time
  • Check voicemail right from the browser
  • Port a current number so you don't lose contacts
  • Send and receive SMS text messages
  • Import and Export your contacts and save call logs
  • See who called when, and what happened to the call
  • Manage contacts in groups for more powerful control
  • Simple fees so nobody is confused
  • Manage multiple phone numbers from one account
  • Share voicemail links with friends or family
  • Record your custom voicemail directly from any phone, no tech hassle needed
  • Use our public API to develop your own controls for your phone