Phone Janitor 2.0

posted: 2017-03-30T18:30:00 by: Tod Hansmann

At long last, the much lauded rewrite is done! OK, it's all but done. We're at a point where we're going to release a stable server and a fully functional web app. It's well tested and will keep data sacred. The look and feel is all we'll be tweaking for a few weeks aside from any bugs we might find. Want to see what it looks like?

Our Roadmap for 2017

posted: 2017-02-19T17:30:00 by: Tod Hansmann

Did you miss our blog updates? We are happy to announce we're back to it and we are making 2017 an epic year for the Phone Janitor product. Let's talk about how that will look.

Phone Janitor Version 1.4 Released

posted: 2016-02-06T11:00:00 by: Tod Hansmann

If I'm being honest, we released this two weeks ago, but kept it under the hood as we watched the impact of the bigger back-end changes in production. So it's improved things more than we expected, and you will love our plans from here.

The Process of Transferring a Phone Number

posted: 2015-12-14T17:20:00 by: Tod Hansmann

You and everyone else have been empowered for many years to keep your phone number regardless of what provider you move to. This is a right that is mostly misunderstood in the US that we'd like to help you undestand.

Transcribing Voicemails

posted: 2015-11-17T19:20:00 by: Tod Hansmann

Some voice services offer a transcription of your voicemails, like Google Voice™. We think this is a mis-feature and we would feel bad trying to offer it, and we think you should know why.

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