We strive to make our policies legally clear while human readable. If you have questions about any of our policies, please don't hesitate to contact us at feedback@phonejanitor.com any time.

Terms and Conditions

Service level agreement

We do not guarantee any level of service at the time of this writing. This will change when we have a significant track record with which to stand claims against. In practice we meet high standards, but will not be held to those standards.

We do guarantee we will strive to keep calls routing as much as possible, and to this end our maintenance windows will be in very early mornings on US/Pacific time. Emergency maintenance will occur any time a service must be bounced if it impacts 10% of customers or more. Otherwise, it will be delayed until the following early morning maintenance window. This can only be overridden by both the CTO and CEO agreeing there is significant risk to customers for reasons of their discretion. In such an event, a notification by the company via some public medium must be made within at most 1 week of the resolution of that emergency.

Customers are expected to maintain a real email address in their account information and to read that email on a regular basis for communications from the Phone Janitor administrators. If the email is incorrect or communications are ignored, Phone Janitor administrators are to make decisions about accounts at their sole discretion. Spam filters are the responsibility of the customer to ensure that such filters do not deny legitimate phonejanitor.com emails, where legitimate is determined by the Phone Janitor technical staff.


Support is currently only available initially through email to support@phonejanitor.com and no other expectations of support are assumed or implied. The judgement of when other methods of support are necessary is solely up to NSC employees authorized to represent Phone Janitor as support employees.

Refunds are not available at customer request, and this is understood to be reasonable as a purchase of service goes directly toward infrastructure costs that can not be recovered after they have been provisioned. Refunds may be given upon the discretion of NSC management for extenuating circumstances.


The use of the service is unlimited, with the understanding that most users will be reasonable with their usage. Use of the service far outside the average puts a burden on the entirety of the customer base and the company, and will not be allowed. In an effort to be reasonable about this, any customer found to be abusing the system for any reason, at the sole discretion of the CEO or CTO of the company, will be cancelled with notice to their email and their last payment refunded for each line cancelled.

Illegal use of the service is solely the responsibility of the account owner and NSC will notify and cooperate with law enforcement and courts in the event of such abuse is discovered.

In the event of such a cancellation, the line or lines for that account will be available for porting by the customer in question.

No customer may use the service to explicitly harass or otherwise attack any NSC staff in any way. Such account abuse will result in immediate cancellation without refund or previous notice, and possible legal action.

Legal Responsibilities

Network Sanitation Committee (the makers of the Phone Janitor product) is responsible for any ramifications of the offering itself as separate from the usage of the product. Customers are responsible for the entirety of the behavior and results of their phone numbers and their access to the site. NSC will work to the best of their ability to ensure security practices are followed and abuse can only occur in allowed and controlled ways. The customer will use reasonable judgement and understand that they are responsible for any damages caused by their use of the Phone Janitor platform. NSC is simply not liable for customer actions.

In the event of a legal dispute, all parties agree to be under the jurisdiction of the laws of Utah County, Utah, United States of America. Legal action should only be pursued after prudent communication has been attempted between parties and no reasonable compromise can be agreed to by all parties.

Privacy Policy

Simple parts

We collect data about the customer and their calls for their use of the product (PhoneJanitor.com) and for analytics about how all customers use the product. We will never give access to this information or even summaries of this information that could be used to identify any individual customer or caller except where law requires it. This information is only accessible to certain employees of Network Sanitation Committee (the makers of the Phone Janitor product) and possibly a consultant under a reasonable non-disclosure agreement.

We allow users to share links to the public at any time for certain items such as (but not limited to) voicemail recordings, but we have taken care to ensure this is astronomically unlikely to be accessible to those that are not authorized by the account owner(s) by way of a provided link. Once shared, such a link should be assumed to be public.

We also use analytics software to analyze how customers use the website and product, but this information is never given or used in any way for the purposes beyond that analysis for the makers of Phone Janitor as a product.

We also conform to law enforcement inquiries only where legally required, and with notification to the account owner of any and all inquiries wherever legally allowed.

We do not delete call records except upon reasonable user request after a full calendar month or in the event of a line being cancelled and returned to the available pool we maintain, which deletes all data associated with that line as it has been used in that account. We keep a history of where and when a number has been moved to a new Phone Janitor account. We do this for support and analytics purposes and as a matter of good record keeping that balances privacy and legal requirements for telephone numbers. This will only change if legal requirements change to require more records.

We will contact a customer via email only unless authorized specifically by that customer or legally required to contact them in some mother manner. A life threatening emergency of some kind would also get us to contact by any means necessary if it was verifiable, and only without disclosing the contact to third parties. Email contact may happen at any time for pre-emptive account support needs, or for announcements relevant to the account such as new features. Marketing for upgrades will not occur.

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice, and will be publicly available prominently on the product website at any time.

General Philosophy


We want to make an experience for everyone that is easy to use and involves as little human contact as possible. We'd rather people spent their money on the service itself rather than the people behind the service. To that end, we don't make ourselves immediately accessible to customers, and we don't directly call customers without permission. A mutual respect of privacy is the goal.

We also prefer the service to work first and look fancy second. Our goal in design is to facilitate use, not win awards. We'd rather customers were happy and if artists can be happy as well that is a bonus.

We want customers to truly have control of their phone number, so we make it convenient by holding it in our inventory, but we never cancel it immediately in case of a mistake and we provide APIs to use the service in any way imaginable and reasonable. Our assumption here is that people that like talking an awful lot on the phone probably aren't our customer base, so our offering is geared toward selective contact and convenience for the callee, not the caller.

Further development goals are geared toward our thoughts of what gives us more management capabilities of our number in simple and effective ways. This is tempered by requests from paying customers and then by feedback from those that would sign up if we had a given feature. When features are added, we give them to all accounts unless there's a significant cost increase, which hasn't happened yet but will likely just be an available add-on. If pricing must become more complicated than one price per line per month, we will do so reluctantly.