Bake it Right

On: 2015-11-10 19:20:00

We have an odd attitude about releases of Phone Janitor. Some admirable companies have come before us to prove it out: don't release until it's finished.

Ever make cookies and burn them? Obviously that scenario is less than ideal, but have you ever not cooked them enough? Did you eat them and experience the awkward knowledge that you have made cookies, but they're not really quite cookies? Even if you put them back in the oven at that point, it really is hard to eat them without that taste and subsequent feeling.

We think products should be the same way. I admit that we're not a perfect dev team, and we have had delays on a couple features in our time. Sometimes that's because it needs more and sometimes it is just our failings in getting it done fast enough. The result is always the same though: we wait.

I believe it is ok if others want to just get it out the door. That is a fine philosophy if you want it. As for this team, we prefer the cookie methodology. If you're not done, keep it in the oven. Otherwise, you and I are both going to know and feel that slightly off feeling.

This analogy breaks down in that we obviously keep tweaking everything that needs refinement. That's fine, but this is your phone we're talking about. I want you to know your experience is always going to be positive, not that it will be perfect. The difference is one of engagement. If you can tell me how to tweak it to your needs, and I can listen to you, we can build a win-win feeling.

Give us a try if you have been waiting. Our last batch of cookies just came out and they're good. The next batch will be even better. You should help by telling us how to be better for you.