Bake it Right

We have an odd attitude about releases of Phone Janitor. Some admirable companies have come before us to prove it out: don't release until it's finished.

posted: 2015-11-10T19:20:00

Phones Need Changing

Can we admit that phones are stuck in the past? You carry a portable one with you now, but it's the same as the originals: you have it, it rings to interrupt you, you cater to it or you don't. This needs to change.

posted: 2015-11-06T20:00:00

Ever Evolving Products

We started Phone Janitor with a pretty singular goal for ourselves: have a number we could give out everywhere and not get calls we don't want from it. We still have that, but our customers have weighed in and we've made it so much more now.

posted: 2015-11-01T20:00:00
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